07-01 Fixing Sewer System Facility Rates
07-02 Amending Ordinance 00-08
07-03 Zoning Regulations
07-04 Tabled
07-05 Amend to Ordinance 07-01
07-06 Requiring Connection to Highland Sewer
08-01 Correct Unsanitary Conditions on Real Property
08-02 Remove Unsightly Buildings in Highland

08-03 Amending Ordinance 04-33
09-01 Permit Requirements
09-02 Careless & Inattentive Driving
10-01 Acquisition & Construction to Sewer Facitlities
10-02 Zoning Regulations
10-03 Lake Property Regulations
10-04 Permitting City Officials to Conduct Business 
10-05 Amendment to 0-99-1 Sales Tax 

11-01 Mayor Spending Limits Repeal 03-29
11-02 Deposit of Prohibited Items into Sewer
11-03 Zoning Regulations 
11-04 Sewer Fees 
11-05 Flood Damage Prevention  

12-01 Payment of Planning & Zoning Members 
12-02 Salary for Newly Elected Mayor & Recorder 
12-03 Minimum Energy Standards 
13-01 Alcohol Fees 
14-01 Tobacco Free Park 
14-02 Repeal Ordinance 04-42 
14-03 Fixing Sewer Rates
15-01 Establishing Payment for Planning Commission 
15-02 LOPFI for Volunteer Firefighters 
15-03 Amendment to Ordinance 11-04 
15-04 LOPFI for Volunteer Firefighters
15-05 Amendment 11-04 Penalty for Nonpayment
15-06 Establish Building Permit Fees & Permits
16-01 Junk Vehicles 
16-02 Amendment to Zoning Regulations

16-03 Fire Code Standards
17-01 Repeal Ordinance 06-04
17-02 05% Sales Tax
17-03 Special Election for Sales
17-04 Establishing Building Permit Fees & Permits 
17-05 LOPFI for Police Department

18-01 Minimum Energy Standards
18-02 Sewer Rates
19-01 LOPFI for Firefighters
20-01 Deposit Requirement on New Sewer Accounts
20-02 Open Burning

20-03 Increase in Business License
21-01 Cable Franchise Agreement
21-02 Repeal 21-01
21-03 Video Services
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