Ordinance Index

98-6 Incorporation of the CIty of Highland
99-01 Levy of 1% Sales & Use Tax
99-02A Granting Rights to Entergy
99-03 Granting Rights to NAEC
99-04 Business License Ordinance

99-05 Taxes to be paid by CenturyTel
99-06 Creating a Planning Committee
99-07 2000 Expenditure
00-08 AR Local Government Investment Trust
00-09 Establishing a Police Department
00-10 Airport Authority
00-11 Zoning Regulations
00-12 2001 Budget Adoption
01-13 Establishing City Attorney/ Declaring Emergency

01-14 Requiring and enforcing the removal of trash ,litter and rubish 
01-15 Animal Control
01-16 Deferred Compensation Plan 
01-17 Voluntary Retirement Plan
01-18 Public Posting of Ordinances 
01-19 Building Regulations
01-20 Personnel Policy for Highland
01-21 Fire Department Transfer of Assets
01-22 Establishment of Speed Limit
02-23 Budget Adoption
02-24 Drug Free Workplace
02-25 Special Election Levying Taxes
02-26 Budget Apotion
03-27 Banning Additional Billboards
03-28 Adopting Standard Fire Safety Codes
03-29 Procedue for Purchases
03-30 Policy & Procedure for Internal Boards
03-31 Creating City Planning Commission
03-32 Special Meetings
04-33 Fixing Sewer Rates

04-34 Sewer Construct & Revenue Bonds
04-35 Establish Ward Boundaries
04-36 Fixing Rates for Sewer Services
04-37 Issuance of Sales & Use Tax Bond
04-38 Zoning Regulations
04-39 Sewer Construct & Revenue Bonds
04-40 Regulate Use of Sewer Penalties
04-41 Vacating Unnamed Street
04-42 Policy & Procedure with Agenda
04-43 Accepting Corrected Ward Boundaries
04-44A Zoning Regulations
04-44 Office of Street Superintendent
04-45 Officer of Police Chief
04-46 Office of Recorder & Mayor
04-47 Calculating & Setting Salary
05-48 Zoning Regulations
05-49 Sewer System
05-51 Amending Ordinance 04-37
05-52 Amending Ordinance 04-37
05-53 Fixing Rates for Sewer Services
05-54 Amending Ordinance 04-37
05-55 Sewer System
05-56 Amend Ordinance 00-11
06-01 Reverse Internet Auction
06-02 Advertising Structures

06-04 Traffic Restrictions on Rebel Drive
06-05 Amendment to Ordinance 03-30

06-06 Amendment to Ordinance 03-29
06-07 Skipped
06-08 Payment of Members of Planning Commission
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